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The discovery phase of a custom web development project is the process of information-gathering, meant to dig deep into the details of what is important to a client’s business, target audience and industry.

The scope and depth of research and inquiry will differ from project to project, but the results are the same: valuable data. The more information we gather, the more prepared we will be to execute a site on budget and on time.

During the discovery phase, there will be multiple information gathering and strategy sessions. After which, Brainstorm will provide the following deliverables:

  • Review current corporate identity and brand use across media, both internal and external
  • Review existing collateral and channels
  • Review current technical environments
  • Identify users and audiences
  • Determine high-level content requirements
  • Develop and document creative requirements
  • Determine tasks, effort and resources needed for development



The Design phase includes completing the architecture and design direction of the website initiative. With a focus on usability and deploying an intuitive architecture, Brainstorm works to organize the content into logical groupings easily accessible to users.

The process begins when multiple design directions are explored based on the requirements outlined in the Discovery phase. The approved concept is then applied to all other aspects of the project. In developing the initial concepts, Brainstorm takes into consideration the following:

  • Consistency with existing or new brand strategies
  • Translation of the newly developed design, across channels



The Delivery phase begins with the approved design being proliferated across all required project regions. Our Development team then implements the new solutions into the foundation of the project initiatives, such as HTML templates, optimizing code and IT hosting solutions, to meet all requirements set during the Discover phase.

The delivery phase includes the following deliverables:

  • Application, database, page and technical development
  • Q&A and usability analysis
  • Alpha testing – Analysis on design and development specifications, software performance and database updates
  • Beta testing – Project submitted in fully functioning fashion for review.
  • User guide documentation
  • All applicable project code and databases
  • Live deployment of project solutions

We provide job quotes for all of our services, which mean you know upfront what your project cost will be with no nasty surprises for unexpected hours and blown out timelines.

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