Are You Somewhat Disappointed in Your Website Design Company?

Website Makeovers and MaintenanceWebsite Makeovers NYC

If you haven’t been getting the response to your website that you initially anticipated from your website agency, it may be time to commit to our Website Makeovers and Maintenance Program.

In some cases, small adjustments to an existing website can remedy a problem, particularly in terms of website navigation and content. We’ll evaluate your website structure, content, functionality, appearance and style.

We can change a little or a lot, depending on your website makeover needs. In the end, you’ll see dramatic improvements at a cost much lower than starting from scratch. And you’ll find surprising results in your search engine optimization results too.


Website Maintenance

Our NYC trained website design professionals will supplement your site’s page programming, update existing website pages and/or add new pages to your site.

Fee: $50 an hour. Website changes will usually be implemented within 24-48 hours, weekday or weekend.

Content editing can be accomplished with updated information, such as special offers, product changes, pricing changes, new product and services announcements, employee information changes and all those things that keep your visitors properly informed.

  • Content Management System
  • Modification and addition of website content
  • Image manipulation and addition (client supplied images)
  • Newsletter & e-mail list maintenance
  • Adding/removing website pages
  • PDF creation and uploading
  • Shopping cart product updates
  • Update announcements, articles, etc.
  • Replace images, i.e., pictures & graphics
  • Monitoring of search engine rankings

Call Laurie Bleier at 917-754-3537 to discuss which website makeover or maintenance program is right for you.

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