Why Quality Content Writing Is Essential For Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Producing great content writing that your online visitors will want to read is only half the story – making sure they can find it via search engines is the other. A website copywriter’s work is highly specialized, as you have to convey a relevant message to search engines. A website copywriter must write for man and machine.

The tricky part is to create a harmonious balance between content written for users and content written for search engines. The human reader must be our first priority.

However, unless we speak to the robot too, we are unlikely to receive any search engine traffic. Without rankings, the website is unlikely to be found by the human user. This means keyword insertion into headlines and body text in the optimum position and frequency. It is here where quality content is likely to be compromised.

When you engage our content creation writing services, you are employing not only a talented website copywriter but a search engine optimization professional. Your copy will be written for the man and the machine.


Google has stated that “quality content” is a main factor in search engine positioning. Quality content is user friendly, relevant and unique. Sites that adopt these guidelines will enjoy better search engine positioning. The importance of unique content cannot be stressed enough. A common problem with low ranking websites is that they have failed to invest in website copywriters and simply copy/paste from the suppliers’ sites, or plagiarize. This is understandable. If you want to rank well on Google, unique content is vital!

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Another common SEO flaw is failing to recognize the importance of the meta title and description. These 160+ characters are the most important aspect of website copy writing. They are the first thing a search engine user will see. You have just 4 seconds to entice the reader to click on your site. This means powerful, leap-off-the-page writing to ensure you stand out from the competition and get the click. The meta title and description must be enticing. But, they must also contain relevant keywords. Investing in a skilled website copywriter to write your meta tags means you’ll achieve more clicks than rival websites on the search page.

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